Saturday, February 03, 2007

The President

This blog has the references to recent utterances attributed to Balasaheb Thakare, the Siva Sena Chief.

Political utterances of Balasaheb that Mr. President of India was blinded by his hair was condemned in due time and in due haste by the concerned. In Indian politics cricism of people in posititions however big they may be is not uncommon. The Chairperson of UPA called the NDA Prime Minister "gaddar", one of the senior leaders of BJP called Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by names. There were several other jokes which need no highlighting.

Coming to the actions of the Preident, poor President constitutionally is supposed to sign on the dotted lines as per the directives (either directly or indirectly) of the government of the day. At best he can refer back a bill for reconsideration of the Cabinet. If the bill comes back a second time, with or without changes, he has no option but to lump it. It was widely reported the kind of haste exhibited by the government and the President upholding the recommendation of the then Governor of Bihar. Neither the Government nor the President had any sense of shame when the Supreme Court's Constitution Bench declaed that the action of the Governor and that of the Government were unconstitutional.

It boils down to the fact that there is absolutely no need to cry foul to the utterances of the type attributed to Balasaheb. After winning the Bombay Municipal elections, he even said that he would stand by what he said.

Be that as it may, it is increasingly becoming clear that if the Constitution of India is to be protected from misuse, it can only be done by the Constitution Bench(es) of the Supreme Court and for this wisdom should prevail in posting honest and fearless judges to the Bench in question.

To be continued...