Sunday, August 13, 2006

Prestige Chairs

There are several prestigeous chairs, some real, some imaginary, some just for satisfying one's ego. A few of them are attempted here. All the same they too are Chairs.

Autonomy Vs Autocracy has been a subject of the current media highlight, the parties involved being the Health Ministry and AIIMS. The ignition for the fight having been provided by the HRD Ministry bringing in Mandal-2 for the have-nots(?) in higher educational institutions. Egos seem to rule the roost keeping aside the principles, natural justice, commitment by the government in the form of social justice, and commitment of the one of the highest health institutions which provides everything from research, education and practice in health sciences. When the justice intervenes and provides judgement in favour of the government, that will yield votes for the ruling party. On the other hand, if the judgement is in favour of the autonomy of the institution, the government will push down the throats of the institution all such policies which are dear to the vote catching formulae (whether they are right or wrong) through legislation, amendments to the constitution and so on. In any case the victor is the ruling party of the day - the rulling chair.

The Corporate Chairs: Dhirubhai Ambani built the Reliance empire from scratch. He died and the Chair became vacant. Then started the misunderstanding or what have you that resulted in slicing the Chair through the middle vertically. The chair which had four legs is now with eight legs, the inevitable two Chairs, each of the brothers satisfied with the division of properties brokered by another industrialist. The investors too did not lose faith in the industry irrespective of who heads which wing and kept the banner flying high. Here, perhaps there is no loser other than a bit of entertainment for the media. Here too the reason for the Chair seems to be simple – ego and/or one-upmanship.

Chair of the Champions: The Wimbledon Championship Chair is one which I very passionately adore. I have been either listening to the radio when TV was not everybody’s living room item in India or subsequently viewing the play on TV. I simply love John McEnroe for his play, tantrums on the court and his competitive spirit. I liked to watch several others too like Pete Sampras who is by far the best player in those days. Earlier to his period, Ivan Lendl was another whose endurance was great but never won a Wimbledon while he won all the other grand slam matches. When the end of his time with tennis was on the horizon, he seems to have said “grass is for girls”. There is only one Indian among the tennis players whom I respect most – Vijay Amrithraj, a gentleman to the core on and off the court. My personal view for what it is worth is that there is no parallel to Vijay Amrithraj in Indian tennis. There was a hint in recent times that there was a match-fixing in Wimbledon tennis which I don’t believe and if it is conclusively proved, I would be one among those who would be very disappointed. As of now, the Wimbledon Championship Chair is the one I love most.

More to follow....


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Ah the Wimbledon Championship is one that I have always loved too. I remember watching Mc Enroe play. He is one player who had tremendous entertainment potential.Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful tennis matches I watched with my dad in our living room:))

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