Thursday, October 02, 2008


I stopped posting for some time as I was otherwise busy being one of the reasons. However my disappointment was more to do with not getting coments on my blog, perhaps they are not worth comenting or there is not enough substance. However, I would like to continue my effort if only to let my thoughts come out of my mind. Hence the new postings.


Thai PM was forced to resign along with his Cabinet for hosting cookery shows while in office - perhaps not a significant crime as compared to our own Netas. Thai SC ruled so since the PM violated the constitution of the country. Thai Netas may be thinking how wonderful would it be if they were to be ruling India instead of Thailand!

The Constitution Bench of the Apex Court in India is now apparently taking a relook at the immunity the judges enjoy in our country. No fears, even if the Supreme Court Bench decides to do away with immunity to judges, our Netas would not allow the Indian Constitution amended as they themselves would probably be the targets the next time around.

Coming to think of the 'immunity' the intentions of the intellectuals who drafted the constitution of India perhaps never dreamt how progressive our Netas would be to do anything to retain their chairs and power for at least five years under the safety of 'immunity'. Does any one really subscribe that immunity is necessary to any one in our country as we expect our Netas to be above board and accountable to every action they take. To my mind it is only the jawans who guard our frontiers and just on orders are prepared to lay down their lives are the ones who should enjoy immunity and none else. Netas in our country win elections with money and mustle power and they continue to use the money and mustle to retain their seats even forgetting the principles with which a Party gets created or started by their elders. Opportunistic alliances, horse trading have become the necessary evils of our Party Chiefs. How I wish some thought will be given to the idea of doing away with immunity to any one in our country as we expect no body shoulod be above law.


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