Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Ubiquitous Chair - OoP Chairs - continued

I did discuss in one of my previous publications the Office of Profit chairs which some of our Parliamentarians hold. As expected, there seem to be a deal between the Prime Minister and the President resulting in his signing on the dotted lines in the Bill to suit the Parliamentarians on the one hand and on the other constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to discuss the suggestions made by the President. The purpose is served. The MPs can continue to enjoy the OoP as before and there will be more than enough time before the JPC submits its report. In any case what is JPC? It is again the same type of gentlemen – you scratch my back and I will scratch your back. The result of the JPC may be to include even more number of Offices so that every MP can have another OoP chair. Instead of all this fun, it is best if the Constitution of India is amended to indicate that every MP can occupy as many chairs as he pleases. Nothing wrong. In any case they do not seem to draw enough salary and perks as MPs which has resulted in the recent Cabinet approval to increase their salaries and perks. To stretch the argument further, it is perhaps better that every Political Party writes a Constitution of India afresh, put it before the public, and let the public choose. Better still we do not have a well written Constitution but have a one line constitution “government of the party, by the party and for the party” so that whichever party that comes to power can handle the affairs without arguments and counter arguments. It is perhaps increasingly becoming clear that the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of India are the only two who can control the alarming decisions of our Parliament and its occupants.

More to follow....


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