Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rocking chairs - continued

An attempt has been made here to briefly analyse the problem in a different perspective as quite frequently some of these luminaries mention that the salaries provided to the research scientists in government institutions are inadequate and not comparable to the salaries offered by private bodies such as IT industry. Did some one really try to find out the kind of security enjoyed by the government employees? Does the government have a policy of hire and fire? What has been the government doing with non-productive scientists/researchers other than giving them periodic promotions, sending them abroad for attending seminars/conferences. Is there really a difference in their promotional policies to differentiate good from bad/indifferent scientists/researchers. These are perhaps debatable. How can they compare themselves with the IT industry which is earning billions of dollars and creating wealth both for themselves as well as to the personnel employed by them. Their success is measured, their quality of work is tested by their clients, efficiency is appreciated and inefficiency is shown the door. One thing may be certain, but for the establishment of research laboratories, unemployment may have been even higher. At the same time one has to agree that a fair amount of infrastructure has been provided for the really good scientists to do research who made a name for themselves. It is true that the government pays little in terms of salaries to their employees in the research laboratories, however one has to deeply ponder but for these research laboratories what would have been the fate of the student body coming out of academic institutions. These views could easily be disagreed but they are views all the same.

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